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DJ 12Finger Dan

DJ 12Finger Dan


Back in 1988, at the age of ten 12FINGER Dan was infected with the hip hop virus. From that moment on he started collecting tapes and records to do his first mixtapes with the pause-button on his tapedeck. A couple of years later in 1993 he tried his rapping skills on the mic - a MC was born but disappeared at the end a couple of years later.

He knew that the culture held more for him so finally a few years later in 1995 he discovered the DJ in him. Highy impressed by the DMC-DJ-Championships he practised like a nerd with a shabby Turntable-Set to earn mixing- and scratching-skills. But that wasn´t the end. One year later in 1996 he bought his first AKAI-Sampler that gave him his first producing-experience. From that day on there was no escaping anymore. It was all about the Dj-ing and Producing. From then till now - till the casket closes.

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